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Artists at their best, are healers and political/cultural activists. We cannot ignore the political temperature caused by America's electile dysfunction. We applaude Michael Moore for his web site and clarification of what is really happening regarding the hypocrisy and political "Coup" taking place in the United States: Read the article called: Judgment Day O'Connor at http://www.michaelmoore.com/2000_12_11.html.

Speaking of Healing...

Have you ever been seen by one "Dr. Fritz?" He is a German Doctor from World War One who heals people in radical ways. Have you heard of him? An Engineer (currently on Maui) channels Dr. Fritz. A pod of those who've seen him recently brought him to Maui where he has been "practicing" with mixed results. He heals people using injections of turpentine, alcohol and iodine mixed. Also by using hammers, chisels, scissors up noses, and other radical measures! Some have no lasting benefit...others have been healed or greatly improved. To this writers knowledge, no one has been harmed. Check here for the Portugese details, with translation from the Portugese found here: English translation of above (without photo)

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